waltornia - XX wiek

Alan Abbott
* Alla Caccia

Jean Absil
* Rhapsodie No.6 Op120

Hans Abrahamsen
* 6 Pieces for Violin, Horn and Piano
* Mit Gronne Underlag
* Landscapes for Horn, Oboe, Flute,Clarinet and Basson

Alexander Abramski
* Concertino for Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Basson and Piano

Jeffrey Agrell
* September Elegy for Natural Horn in Es and Piano
* Romp for solo horn

Stephen Albert
* ECCE PUER for Sopran, Oboe, Horn and Piano

Douglas Allanbrook
* The Majesty of the Horn

David Amram
* Horn Concerto
* Blues and Variations for Monk

Malcolm Arnold
* Concerto No. 1 for Horn and Orchestra, Op. 11
* Concerto No. 2 for Horn and Strings, Op. 58
* Fantasy for Horn, Op. 88
* Burlesque (1944)

Vyacheslav Artyomov

Alexander Arutunian
* Horn Concerto

Johannes Aschenbrenner
* Horn Concerto

Kurt Atterberg
* Concerto for Horn Op. 28

Robert Avalon
* Zeal

Grażyna Bacewicz
* Inkrustacje na waltornię i zespół kameralny

Simon Bainbridge

Ernest Baker
* RONDO MIT MOZART for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn und Basson

Krešimir Baranović
* Concerto for Horn and Symphonic Orchestra

Rupert Bawden
* PASSAMEZZO DI BATTAGLIA for Oboe, Horn und Cembalo

Richard Rodney Bennett
* ACTAEON. Concerto for Horn and Orchestra
* ROMANCES for Horn and Piano
* Sonate for Horn and Piano

Niels Viggo Bentzon
* Horn concerto
* Sonate for Horn and Piano
* Kopenhagener Konzert nr 1 for Flute, Horn, Trumpet, Cembalo and Strings
* Trio for Horn, Trumpt and Trombone

Leonard Bernstein
* Elegy for Mippy I

Lennox Berkeley
* Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano
* Sextett for Clarinet, Horn und String quartet
* Quintett for Oboe, Clarinet, Basson, Horn and Piano

Richard Bissill
* Three Portraits for horn octet
* Corpendium 1 for six horns
* Sinfonia Concertante for clarinet, trumpet, horn and orchestra

Bruno Bjelinski
* Horn Concerto
* Sonate for Horn

Arthur Bliss
* Rhapsodie für Mezzosopran, Tenor, Flöte, Horn und Streichquintett

Davor Bobić
* Concerto for Horn, Strings and Bells
* Capriccio for Horn and Piano A.O.57

Leonid Bobilow
* TRAURIGE WEISE für Horn und Klavier

Eugene Bozza
* En foret
* Sur les cimes
* En Irlande
* Chant lointain
* Entretiens
* Suite for four horns in F

E. York Bowen
* Sonata in Es op. 101

Srećko Bradić
* Lost Music, for Flute,Oboe, Horn and Clarinet

Massimo Brajković
* Ballade for Horn and Piano

Brenton Broadstock
* NEARER AND FATHER for Horn and Piano

Benjamin Britten
* Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings, Op. 31

Anders Broedsgard
* UNICORN (Opus Es #3) for Horn and String quintet

Hans Melchior Brugk
* SERENADE Es-dur for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Basson

Richard Burdick
* Trinitization for Flute, oboe, horn, piano and strings (Spring 1981)
* Pluto, for Flute, horn, ‘cello and harp (Summer 1983)
* Blue Stone Fantasy for Flute, Horn, ‘cello and Harp
* Serenade # 2 for oboe, clarinet, 2 horns , ‘cello and bass 1983
* Polaris Overture for flute, oboe, trumpet, clarinet, horn, violin, ‘cello and organ.
* A Puff of smoke for flute and horn 1983 rev. 1993
* Seraphic Meditation for soprano or English horn, horn and organ
* The Pivot Point for oboe, English horn, two horns, & two bassoons
* Luxor, sketched for two horns
* Sonata I for horn and Piano
* ABRACADABRA for flute, English horn, ‘cello, and piano
* The Ocean for Tenor, horn, percussion and organ
* Horn Sonata # 2
* Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano 1986 rev. 1994
* Romance for violin, horn and piano 1986. (revision 1994)
* Duet for Clarinet and Horn, Trios; January 1987
* Trios for horns January 1987 ,Opus 36
* Quartet for Horns 1987,Opus 39
* Twelve Duets for two horns ,Opus 40
* Andante “Victoria” for horn and organ , Opus 41
* Sonata for Horn and Organ ,Opus 42
* "Moments When We See. . . " for horn and tape December 1987 ,Opus 44
* Duet for two Hand horns ,Opus 50
* Quartet in Bb for hand horns written at Lowell Greer's request ,Opus 51
* The Hermit for horn and organ ,Opus 53
* Duo for Horn and String Bass,Opus 54
* Romance for horn and piano ,Opus 55
* Concerto for horn , Opus 56
* "Mandala III" for horn and violin , Opus 58
* Concerto for two horns , Opus 60
* Astral Waves I for horn and tape , Opus 62
* Astral Waves II for Violin, Horn and Tape , Opus 64

Geoffrey Burgon
* FOUR HORNS for four Horns

Dallwitz Burkhard
* Romanze

Arthur Butterworth
* Romanza

Karen Chatschaturjan
* TRIO für Horn, Violine und Klavier

Henri Chaussier
* Elegy

Carlos Chávez
* Sonata for Four Horns
* Energía for Nine Instruments
* Concerto for Four Horns

Birchard Coar
* Concerto

Arnold Cooke
* Rondo in B for Horn and Piano

Vladimir COSMA
* Sonatine

Emil Cossetto
* four Concert Pastoralas
* "Fourteen compositions for young hornists"
* Air
* Variations on theme "Vehni, Vehni fijolica" from Croatia
* Concerto for Horn and Orchestra

Edward Cowie
* ENDYMION NOCTURNES for Tenor, Horn and Strings

Jean-Michel Damase
* Berceuse Op.19
* Pavane Variée

Peter Maxwell Davies
* Horn Concerto

Brett Dean
* Three Pieces for Eight Horns

Jean Michel Defaye
* Alpha

Norman Del Mar
* Sonatina for two horns

Norman Dello Joio
* THE MYSTIC TRUMPETER for Horn and Choir

James DeMars
* Dedicace

Paul Dukas
* Villanelle for horn and piano (horn and orchestra)

* Sonatina

Eric Ewazen
* Sonata for Horn and Piano
* Ballade, Pastorale and Dance for Flute, Horn and Piano
* Grand Canon Octet
* Trio for Basson, Horn and Piano

Randall Faust
* Rondo for Horn and Piano
* Three American Folksongs for Two Horns and Piano
* Concerto for Horn and Wind Ensemble
* Fanfare for the Southeastern Horn Workshop for Horn Octet
* Meditation for Horn Choir
* Memoirs and Souvenirs - Prelude and Variations for Multiple Horn Ensemble
* Quartet for Four Horns
* Celebration for Horn and Organ
* Fantasy for Horn and Organ
* Meditation for Horn and Organ
* Auburn Echoes for Horn, Flute, and Piano
* Concerto for Brass Quintet, Percussion and Strings
* Dances for Natural Horn and Percussion
* Gallery Music for Brass Quintet
* Partita for Brass and Percussion
* Prelude and Toccata for Brass Ensemble
* Horn Call for Horn and Electronic Media

Silvio Foretić
* Concerto for Horn and Candle
* Polonaise for four Horns, four Saxophones, four Trombones and Piano

Jean Françaix
* Divertimento
* Canon a l'octave

Peter Racine Fricker
* Horn Sonata

Reinhold Gliere
* Horn Concerto in B, Op. 91
* Intermezzo, Op. 35, No. 11
* Nocturne, Op. 35, No. 10
* Romance, Op. 35, No. 6
* Valse Triste, Op. 35, No. 7

Iain Hamilton
* "Voyages" hn. & chamber orch
* Sonata Notturna for horn & piano

Walter Hartley
* "Sonoroties II" for horn and piano
* Meditation
* Fantasy on Vermont Tunes

Vjekoslav Gržinić
* Divertimento for Horn and chamber ensemble

Jeffrey Harrington
* Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano

Jiří Havlík
* Concerto for French Horn and Strings
* Three Fugues for Three French Horns and Piano
* Mileniana for a Horn Octet
* Stages for Brass Instruments

Bernhard Heiden
* Sonata for horn & piano

Lutz Werner Hesse
* Concerto for Horn and Orchestra

Paul Hindemith
* Horn Sonata (1939)
* Horn Concerto
* Sonata for Four Horns (1952)

Emil Hlobil
* Sonate op.21

Heinz Holliger
* Cynddaredd – Brenddwyd (Fury – Dream)

Robin Holloway
* Horn Concerto Op.43

Yoshiro Irino
* Globus I for Horn and Percussion (1971)

Gordon Jacob
* Horn concerto

Leoš Janáček
* Concertino

Josip Janković
* Ballade
* Easy Waltz

Knud Jeppesen
* Little Trio in D

Wojciech Kilar
* Sonata for horn & piano

Volker David Kirchner
* Tre poemi
* Lamento d'Orfeo

Anđelko Klobučar
* Canzone for Horn and Organ
* Diptih for Horn and Strings
* Diptih for Horn and Organ
* Miniature
* Sonate for Horn and Organ
* Movement for Horn and String Quartet
* Trio for Horn, Violine and Piano

Olivier Knussen
* Horn Concerto

Charles Koechlin
* Horn Sonata Op.70

Jan Koetsier
* Cinq Nouvelles for four horns, Op. 34a (1947)
* Sonate for horn and harp

Siegfried Koehler
* Sonate op. 32

Włodzimierz Kotoński
* Quartettino for four horns

Uroš Krek
* Concerto for Horn and strings

Bernhard Krol
* Horn Concerto "Study in Jazz"
* Ballade op.94

William Kraft
* Evening Voluntaries
* Fanfare LA Festival '87 for Eight Trumpets, Four Horns, Four Trombones and Timpani
* Veils and Variations for Horn and Orchestra

Igor Kuljerić
* Concerto for Horn and Strings

Johan Kvandal
* Introduction and Allegro, Op. 30

Lars - Erik Larsson
* Concertino for Horn and String Orchestra, Op.45, No.5

Benjamin Lees
* Concerto for French horn and Orchestra

Frank Ezra Levy
* Suite for Horn and Piano (1960)

György Ligeti
* Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano (1982)
* Hamburg Concerto (1998)

Magnus Lindberg
* Campana in Aria for horn and orchestra (1998)

John Hindley Austin Lowe
* Sonata No. 1

David Lyon
* Concerto for Horn and Strings

Trygve Madsen
* Sonata op. 24

Josip Magdić
* Concertino for Horn and instrumental ensemble
* Hommage a Boris, for 2 Horns and Strings
* Elegie for Horn and Piano, op.7
* Concert gravure for Horn and Chamber ensemble op. 50

Adalbert Marković
* Cantus for Horn and Strings

Kazunori Maruyama
* Foxtrot for Tomcat

John McCabe
* The Goddess Trilogy for Horn and Piano
+ The Castle of Arianrhod
+ Floraison
+ Shapeshifter

Olivier Messiaen
* Des Canyons aux etoiles
* Le tombeau de Jean - Pierre Guezec

Miroslav Miletić
* Concerto for Horn and Strings
* Three Scherzo for Horn and Violine
* Monolog

Stephen Montague
* Horn Concerto

Thea Musgrave
* Horn Concerto
* Music, for horn & piano

Hermann Neuling
* Bagatelle for Low Horn und Piano

Carl Nielsen
* Canto Serioso

Sparre Olsen
* Aubade, Op. 57, No. 3

Kazimierz Paciorkiewicz
* Mała suita na 4 waltornie (1971)
* Duet na klarnet i róg (1976)
* Allegro na klarnet i róg (1988)

Boris Papandopulo
* Elegy for horn and harp

Frano Parać
* Concerto for Horn and Orchestra

Jiri Pauer
* Horn Concerto (1959)

Walter Perkins
* Concerto for Four Horns

Nicholas Perrini
* Festival fanfare for six Horns
* Legend for Horn and Piano
* 3 Miniature Frescoes

Ivo Petrić
* Horn Concerto
* Gemini concertino for Violin, Horn and six instruments
* Three compositions for Horn
* Music for five for Horn and four percussions
* Lyric Fragment for Mezzosoprano, Horn and Piano
* Sonata No.1 for Horn and Piano
* Lyrics for Horn and Piano
* Sonata No.2 for Horn and Piano

* Air de chasse

Werner Pirchner
* Born for Horn for five (four?) horns, PWV 36

Wolfgang Plagge
* Sonata No.1 for Horn and Piano, op.8
* Sonata No.2 for Horn and Piano
* Sonata No.3 for Horn and Piano
* A Litany for the 21st Century

Hans Wolfgang Poser
* Sonate, op. 8

Almeida Prado
* Trio from the Diary of Pero Vaz de Caminha
* Celectial Charts III

Francis Poulenc
* Elégie for Horn and Piano, op. 168 (1957)

Feliks Rybicki
* Variations for four horns

James Paul Sain
* Syllogism for horn and digital media

Peter Schickele
* "Pentangle" Five Songs for Horn and Orchestra

Othmar Schoeck
* Horn Concerto

Mark Schultz
* Alligator Alley (1994)
* Ashfall (1995)
* The Beast Tales (1997)
* Dragons in the Sky - orchestration (1998)
* Echoes primeval -Horn Choir (8-16)
* I and my Annabel Lee (1998)
* The Melon Patch (1996)
* Over your shoulder, don't smile (1994)
* Pillars of Fire (1994)
* Rainbow horned-dinosaur Anne (1998)
* 'Raptors (1998)
* A River of Amber and Bronze (1992) -Sauropods (1998)
* Singing out of the lips of silence (1996)
* T. Rex (1990)
* Voices from Spoon River (1993)

Humphrey Searle
* Aubade for Horn and Strings

Mátyás Seiber
* Nocturne for horn & strings

Vissarion Shebalin
* Concertino Op.14 No.2

Kazimierz Sikorski
* Koncert na róg i małą orkiestrę

Ethel Smyth
* Concerto for Violin, Horn & Orchestra

Rand Steiger
* A New-Slain Knight

Allan Stepheson
* Horn Concerto

Fred Stride
* Fanfare and Scherzo

Igor Štuhec
* Concert Fantasy for horn and strings
* Four compositions for Horn and Piano
* Tema con variazioni for Violin, Horn and Piano

Stjepan Šulek
* Concerto for Horn and Orchestra

Randall Svane
* Horn Concerto 1991
* At The Round Earth's Imagined Corners 1993 (tenor, horn, timp., strings)

Mladen Tarbuk
* Concerto grosso for Horn, Trumpet, Trombone and Strings

Alexander Tcherepnin
* Six Pieces for Four Horns

Michael Tippett
* Sonata for 4 Horns

Henri Tomasi
* Chant Corse for Horn and Piano
* Danse Profane for Horn and Piano
* Horn Concerto

Ernest Tomlinson
* Rhapsody and Rondo for Horn and Orchestra
* Romance and Rondo for Horn and Orchestra

Kerry Turner
* Sonata for Horn and Piano
* Twas a Dark and Stormy Night (horn and piano)
* Concerto for Low Horn and Chamber Orchestra

Tomislav Uhlik
* Concerto for Horn and Winds
* "Sjećanje na prijatelja" (Memory of Friend) for Horn Quartet

Jane Vignery
* Sonate op. 7

Gilbert Vinter
* Hunter's moon

Milan Vlajin
* Bagatela I
* Bagatela II

Errollyn Wallen
* At the Ending of a Year

Julius Weismann
* Horn Concertino

Alec Wilder
* Sonatas Nos. 1-3 for Horn and Piano
* Suite for Horn and Piano