waltornia - romantyzm

Vincenzo Bellini
* Horn Concerto in F

Luigi Belloli
* Concerto in F for Horn and Orchestra
* Concerto in F for Horn and Orchestra "Denominato Il trionfo dell` Innocenza"
* Gran Concerto for Horn and Orchestra

Agostino Belloli
* Concerto di corno da caccia
* Concerto for Clarinet and Horn

Hector Berlioz
* Le jeune pâtre Breton for Tenor, Horn and Piano, Op.13, No.4

Johannes Brahms
* Trio for Piano, Violin, and Horn in Es, Op. 40

François Brémond
* 2 Fantaisies sur 'Esclarmonde' de Massenet
* Solo nr 1
* Solo nr 4 

Emmanuel Chabrier
* Larghetto for Horn and Orchestra

Luigi Cherubini
* Horn Concerto
* Sonata 1 and 2 for horn and strings 

Blai Maria Colomer
Fantaisie - Legende for horn and piano

Cesar Cui
* Perpetual Motion

Carl Czerny
* Andante and Polacca in E for Horn and Piano
* Grande Serenade Concertante for Clarinet, Horn, Cello, and Piano

Claude Debussy
* BEAU SOIR for Horn and Piano

Felix Draeseke
* Adagio for Horn and Piano in a, Op. 31
* Romance for Horn and Piano in F, Op. 32
* Quintet for Piano, Horn, Violin, Viola and Violoncello in B flat, Op. 48

Carl Christian Eisner
* 2 pieces for horn and piano op.16 (Le Repros,Resignation)
* Album for horn and piano

Oscar Franz
* Lied ohne Worte op.2

Johannes Frederik Frohlich
* Hunting Piece for 4 differently crooked horns

Jacques François Gallay
* Horn Concerto No.1
* Horn Concerto No.2
* The Fantasy for horn and the piano op.34
* Quatuor op.26 for 4 horns in different tones

Alexander Glazunov
* Reverie

Charles Gounod
* Six mélodies pour cor

Heinrich Hübler
* Concerto for Four Horns

Gustav Jenner
* Trio for Carinet, Horn and Piano

Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda
* Introduktion und Rondo op. 51

Friedrich Daniel Rudolf Kuhlau
* Concertino in F for Two Horns, Op. 45

Ignaz Lachner
* Concertino for Horn, Bassoon and Orchestra op.43

Maximilian Joseph Leidesdorf
* Fantasie for Horn and Piano

Richard Lewy
* Horn Concertino

Albert Lortzing
* Konzertstück in EDur

Václav Vincenc Mašek
* Serenata in Dis

Karl Matys
* Concerto No.1
* Concerto No.2
* Concerto No.3
* Concerto No.4

Charles Oberthür
* "Souvenir a Schwalbach" op. 42 for Horn and Harp
* "Mon sejour a Darmstadt" op. 90 for Horn (or two horns ad. lib.) and Harp

Max Reger
* Scherzino for Horn and Strings

Nikolai Rimsky - Korsakov
* Notturno for Horn Quartet

Carl Gottlieb Reißiger
* Solo per il Corno

Joseph Rheinberger
* Sonate in Es, op. 178 for Horn and Piano

Gioacchino Rossini
* Prelude, Theme and Variations for Horn and Piano

Camille Saint - Saëns
* Morceau de Concert for horn and orchestra
* Romance in F for Horn and Orchestra, Op. 36
* Romance in E for Horn and Piano, Op. 67

Jean Baptist Schiltz
* Fantaisie for Horn and Piano op.66

Georg Abraham Schneider
* Concerto for Four Horns in Es (1817)
* 1st Concerto in E for 3 Horns and Orchestra
* 2nd Concerto in E for 3 Horns and Orchestra

Franz Schubert
* Auf dem Strom for tenor or soprano, horn and piano

Robert Schumann
* Adagio and Allegro in A flat for Horn and Piano, Op. 70
* Konzertstück in F, Op. 86, for 4 horns and orchestra

Johann Gottfried Schuncke
* Variations for 2 Waldhorns and Orchestra
* Exercice

Ludwig (Louis) Schuncke
* Duo Concertant for Piano and Horn

Alexander Scriabin
* Romance for horn & piano

Leone Sinigaglia
* Zwei Stucke
* Romanza opus 3 for horn and string quartet

Franz Strauss
* Fantasy on the Sehnsuchtswalzer of Schubert, Op. 2
* Fantasy for horn and orchestra, Op. 6
* Nocturno for horn & piano, Op 7
* Horn Concerto No. 1 in c, Op.8
* Romanze for Horn and Piano, Op.12 (Empfindungen am Meere)
* Introduction, Theme and Variations for Horn and Piano, Op.13
* Les Adieux, for horn & piano
* Horn Concerto No. 2 in Es, Op.14

Richard Strauss
* Alphorn for Mezzo-soprano, Horn and Piano
* Andante for Horn and Piano, Op. posth.
* Horn Concerto No. 1 in Es, Op. 11 (1883)
* Horn Concerto No. 2 in Es (1942)
* Introduction, Theme & Variations for horn & piano in Es , Op. 52

Carl Maria von Weber
* Horn Concertino, Op. 45